Economic equity

We aim to reshape the status quo by placing diverse teams and
audiences at the forefront of every project we work on.
We are founded on the idea that representation is imperative in
building communities and products.
We encourage economic equity for everyone by offering competitive rates and creating inclusive marketing and branding opportunities in well-established creative markets.

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For BusinessesWe operate at the intersection of business development, marketing, creative strategy, and design. Leveraging our research-based, data-driven approach, we can develop and execute:
— Growth strategy [business development, marketing, positioning, market and trend research]
— Campaign strategy [visual, positioning, marketing schema]
— Partnerships [influencer, brand, affiliate]
— Creative assets [still, motion, video]
— Branding systems [strategy, identity]
— Design systems [digital, print]
— Image direction [for individuals: styling, beauty, partnerships, PR strategy]
For IndividualsWe are excited to be producing a range of strategic and creative projects, and are always looking to meet new people.
We currently support these disciplines:
Take note: we are focused on and committed to working with underrepresented individuals.
For ContributorsWe are humbled and excited about the support we've culled from our community this year. There are many ways to get involved in The Directory from submitting content to The Library, providing editorial content to The Newsletter, serving our peer–review panels, to recommending individuals to be a part of our network.

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